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The expert dispels misgivings: The floor that avoid glue affects floor service l

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Some businessmen allege, aggrandizement floor avoids glue shop to install already beautiful environmental protection, where is so actual condition? The expert thinks, this action is very inappropriate. Of the consumptive environment because of China and abroad different, it is completely OK that abroad uses cleaner cleanness area, and Chinese sand blown by wind is bigger, common people be used to is idiomatic wet pull cloth to brush the ground, if do not make gum, water is met slowly the infiltration in the aperture from the floor, affect the service life of the floor badly. Some enterprises are publicized so, it is a kind of irresponsible manner completely, they are to produce heat only, achieve the goal that attracts customer thereby.

Beijing forestry university some professor thinks, "The glue that lays outfit floor at present basically is white glue, formal name is get together latex of ester of acetic acid ethylene, avirulent. Tenacity of white glue sub is good, stability is good, its formaldehyde content special low, it is OK that formaldehyde releases a quantity low to ignorred degree, whether does the floor release a quantity to do not have too much relation with glue and formaldehyde. Whether does the floor release a quantity to do not have too much relation with glue and formaldehyde..

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