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Floor of high grade wood chooses to install intellectual collect

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Cool meaning of the autumn begins to deepen, decorate however " hot " rise. The person that has experience knows, autumn is decorated have a lot of profit, for instance because climate is dry, woodiness plank is not easy get damp, coating, paint works easily etc, but also can exist at the same time a few decorate sequela peculiarly. Life wife and children is made up hold information for your integrated and various home designedly, roll out a family to decorate guideline series, decorate the love mew that gives a the most romantic warmth for you.
   One, the sort of wooden floor basically has: Real wood floor, compound floor, solid Mu Fu adds up to floor, aggrandizement floor to wait.
Real wood floor is lumber does not go all out, the floor that do not receive treatment and becomes piece, it is good to have natural and warm and downy, delightful, sound insulation, foot feels wait for an advantage.
The classification of floor of ① real wood
Ⅰ differs according to processing an external form, can divide for plain top floor (smooth inoculation floor) with tongue-and-groove floor (joggle wood floor) .
What Ⅱ basis machines a method is different can divide spend floor and perpendicular lumber to go all out board.
The identifying of ② real wood
Ⅰ grain: It is to decide the standard of floor stand or fall, well-regulated grain is beautiful and easy, do not choose those grain desultorily floor.
Ⅱ color: The tonal, clear Mu Wen with high grade real wood due and natural floor, material is qualitative macroscopical. If floor surface color is very grave, lacquer layer is thicker may be intended to conceal the exterior defect of the floor do it, qi Shiyou is sealed to need to notice for 6 in the floor.
Ⅲ crack: Medium, cheap floor has crack is hard to avoid, but too big bad. Between the grain that some crack produce Yu Mu material, this kind of crack won't be outspread, can be at ease use, but some crack are penetrable grain, criterion ten million cannot be bought, because these crack will be outspread, very big to will having henceforth negative effect.
Ⅳ section child: Namely section scar, can distribute the section that it is work and dead part. Serving as crude products is impossible to do not have a section child, of lively part reasonable distributing, can make wood more beautiful instead. Classy tasting is not the section of blemish of be patient of child of existence, national regulation: The lively part of 3mm of every diameter ≤ child with diametical ≤ 2mm and did not fall off, very close model dead section child section of nonfeasance blemish sex child.
Additional, the data that uses the material that cultivate a heart and close bark makes some floor boards, beware the businessman carries grade to mark a price. The wood that some floors use is crossed by many bug moth or any other insect that eats books, stay consequently have a lot of bug eyes, the woodiness of this kind of floor is not very good, when buying, need discreet. BR ③ floor. Wooden floor. The choice of real wood floor
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