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3 big conditions are short of wooden floor field assembly one cannot

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Installation spot asks to install the spot to should not have alternate construction phenomenon, and restrict without special construction.
   Area demand
The ground should clean, dry, level off, firm. Clean, do not have dust collected on furniture namely, wait without construction litter. Dry, show ground humidity wants to be less than 2% , cannot have moisture or leakage appearance. Level off, point to inside limits of 2 square metre, ground height difference should be less than 5 millimeter. Firm, mean foundation strong, without shake a phenomenon.
Temperature humidity is appropriate before installation, had better deposit the floor at indoor, change in order to get used to temperature humidity, be in especially northward chill is seasonal, should rectify a bag to deposit at indoor 24 hours of above just can be installed.
   Edge horn level off
The door and door cover lower part to answer the installation with appropriate put apart is interstitial (15 millimeter stay below general door, the door covers next leaving 12 millimeter can) . Etc of cover of corner, central heating is irregular detail, also should have handled ahead of schedule, in order to make sure floor shop installs success.
   Control temperature
If the bedroom is ground heating system, before the shop is installed 3 days should be in temperature control 18 ℃ , till spread 3 day hind, raise temperature 5 ℃ everyday, but upper highest temperature should not exceed 28 ℃ .

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