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5 advantages let floor heating winter lives in heat preservation environmental p

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Floor heating is in the country such as Canada, Russia, Japan, Korea is already extensive and popular, relative to character, the general rate that floor heating technology is in our country is relatively inferior. But as people living standard increase the be current with environmental protection idea, these a few years, the ground is warm take home of common common people gradually, bring energy-saving environmental protection for more and more families and warm oneself healthily means. Heating floor is liked by more and more crowds, its development space in market of our country floor is very tremendous.
The ground warms is the heating means of Korea tradition, use in Korea rate is adjacent 100% , in recent years our country introduced ground warm technology from Korea. Current, the ground warms the country that be labelled builds ministry key to popularize a project, because the ground warms than radiator heating saves a large number of the sources of energy, cost of environmental protection, wholesome, managing project, economic cover an area of area, construction simple, time limit for a project is short, the life of warm canal also is as long as 50 years to wait for an advantage, the ground is warm at the same time accord with " crural hot head is cool " requirement of human body physiology, it is current the most advanced heating means.
Expert introduction, at present floor heating means basically has heating of floor of microtherm hot water and heating room system of radiate of calorific cable low temperature two kinds. Heating of floor of microtherm hot water is with temperature not the hot water of 60 ℃ is prep above hot intermediary, heating the loop inside the canal flows, heat floor, conduct heat with radiation and convective through the ground means the heating means to indoor heat addition, weigh the heat of the earth's interior again. The hot water coil that microtherm heats up technology of water floor heating to be set in order to bury inside the Tong on the floor heats the floor, come loose to indoor radiate equably thereby the goal that heat achieves heating. Heating room system of radiate of calorific cable low temperature is it is the sources of energy with electric power, calorific cable is calorific body, the electric energy of 100% changeover is heat energy, serve as with building interior ground medicinal powder hot side, heat through convection heat exchange all round air.
The advantage of use floor heating is very apparent:
1. Efficient and energy-saving: When the heat of the earth's interior is used to warm oneself inside hall, temperature of edge height direction distributings evener, temperature gradient is small, reduced invalid hot loss. Carry out a proof, the thermal efficiency of room of heating of the heat of the earth's interior is taller, quantity of heat is centered inside the height that human body is benefited. In likewise contented warmth comfortable condition falls, the temperature setting of floor heating can compare C of ° of low 2~3 of other heating means, concerned technology data shows, if indoor temperature reduces 1 Celsius, but energy-saving nearly 10% . Use fountainhead to heat up pump or land source hot pump undertakes floor heating, for cold, every square metre installs machine n to not be more than 15W/ ㎡, lower than air conditioning ㎡ of 30 ~ 50W/ , can alleviate effectively state of insecurity of summertime power supply. Because floor itself is heat radiation face, because this reduced palisade construction,the cold face of nearly 1/5 attracts hear rate can.
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