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The family decorates a guideline: The floor decorates 4 attentions

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Cool meaning of the autumn begins to deepen, decorate however " hot " rise. The person that has experience knows, autumn is decorated have a lot of profit, for instance because climate is dry, woodiness plank is not easy get damp, coating, paint works easily etc, but also can exist at the same time a few decorate sequela peculiarly. Life wife and children is made up hold information for your integrated and various home designedly, roll out a family to decorate guideline series, decorate the love mew that gives a the most romantic warmth for you.
The durable degree of the floor " 3 minutes of products, install 7 minutes " , the service life of real wood floor more depend on the level that the shop holds. Concerned expert reminds, the happening of 4 kinds of circumstances should prevent when laid floor.
● avoids the area rough whole
The the earth's surface is rough can make partial floor and keel impending, noise can be given out when trample.
● prevents keel without dry
Be in normally without dry wooden keel moisture content 25% the left and right sides, and eligible wooden floor moisture content is in commonly 12% , humidity has differred congress to make wooden floor sucks tide quickly, cause blowout of face of the arch since the floor, lacquer. Apply man-hour to lay good floor first, undertake other construction on the floor next. But such, after floor laid ends, often need to pass a surname on the time ability burnish with a longer even month. During, the lunt of floor and surroundings, chemical did not make any segregation step, bring about wood probably to the floor changes quickly because of moisture content and be out of shape.
● prevents to go all out to had installed a pine or be tightened too
When laid floor, the on any account of environmental temperature and humidity that should use a room according to making comes of floor of reasonable arrangement wood spell outfit degree of tightness to spend. If cross a pine, floor systole can appear larger crack, too close, wriggle through the earth can have when the floor expands.
● prevents to use dozen of chock to impose fixed kind of Tie Ding
Dozen of chock is used to impose fixed kind of Tie Ding in construction, can build chock of cause of formation and Tie Ding interface is too small and make the power that grasp a hammer insufficient, cause wooden keel extremely easily to become loose, noise can appear when trample floor.

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