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Influence PU priming paint and lacquer of floor of light face lacquer strike the

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Affect its dry element to basically have:
1 , contain hydroxyl material: Molecular quantity jumps over big, hydroxide the cost is lower, dry faster.
2, solidify agent: TDI3 gets together body is very wash-and-wear.
3, activator: Low temperature of amine of father's younger brother is used very efficient also, the proposal uses the organic stannum variety with the not crystal winter on the market.
Solve priming paint at present wash-and-wear problem has a few kinds of methods probably:
1 , right amount nitrify cotton is joined in priming paint, but can cause yellow change, cave in, plump spend difference, and ask day of that water solvency is strong, integrated cost can rise.
2, in general solidify agent, get together with right amount TDI3 system will raise drying, but cost rises too big, with contain hydroxyl makings to cooperate bad, still can cause paint film to send fragile, craze, burnish and plump degree also can drop.
3, use efficient drier to help dry
The use characteristic of wash-and-wear modifier:
Dosage does not exceed the 4.5 % that alkyd measures, otherwise modified is excessive cause colloid gel. Summer dosage but some lower, lest dry too fast, cause paint film shrivelled.
Modified needs time, modified priming paint is in 24 hour, winters use summer after 48 hours.
When modified, use the alkyd of strong solvent dilute in the recipe first, strong solvent is measured but a bit some more.
Viscosity of the system after modified can increase, , want to control viscosity, the firm that needs to control good priming paint is contained.
Can use the drier inside amine drier and low temperature chamber to adjust dull performance further.

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