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Material is qualitative wait for an element to decide price of floor of three-la

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Since this year, the concept of floor of three-layer real wood passes into our country from Europe, the product also lands a capital subsequently. But a problem makes consumer not quite good understand all the time, that is: "Why its unit price at every turn with respect to 449, more expensive than floor of pure real wood? " through asking relevant expert, we discover, price of this kind of floor is high main reason is mixed from material craft. As to should select real wood or this kind of exceedingly compound product after all, see him be fond of.
Production of traditional floor facing relies on machinery, inflexible and commonplace. If use manual technology, although cost is high, take time is arduous, but the effect is different from absolutely general.
   Manual treatment personality is distinct
On craft, the manual craft of European popularity surmounted traditional floor to produce inflexible and support machinery, commonplace condition, manual chromatically, sootiness, without oxygen roast carbonization, knock a face to knock edge, wave, flinch the floor of the type that it is Europe such as mark brings more and new window, illuminate is more natural, more the temperament of make public individual character.
On treatment means, europe type floor still captured traditional floor is original come back cut treatment camp, enabled diameter to cut a technology, craft of this kind of treatment also decided a floor the solid sex of watch board. Introduce according to relevant expert, come back the floor that cutting is a kind of relatively low end machines means, means of this kind of treatment causes watch board to produce the phenomenon that becomes warped since boat form likely, this also is the physiology response that woodiness wants to restore its to have pattern oneself. It is OK that diameter is cut overcome watch board completely be out of shape and bend, achieve result of solid, level off.  
   Material is frigid zone wood to plant more character
Floor of three-layer real wood by precious rare hardwood resilient coating of watch board, cork and base material layer are comprised, crisscross of wooden grain freely, soft hardwood photograph is united in wedlock, stable and durable, the foot feels very good also. As we have learned, the hardwood of three-layer real wood watch board is thick amount to 3-5mm, outclass is multilayer real wood is average the watch of 0.2-0.6mm board ply, and one of critical factors that this is influence floor service mass and life. Go up character in material, floor of three-layer real wood basically is watch plank to pledge with oak, oak basically grows in arid, high cold area, abominable growth is the stability that the environment brought up its material to pledge, solid, have air of coriaceous actual strength. Deserve to be base material layer with growing at the Yang Mu of frigid zone likewise, because wood of both and congeneric frigid zone is planted, can achieve well on moisture content control consistent, be in all around when use environment produces temperature and humidity to change, what can keep more consistent is adjustable with expand, avoid floor happening to be out of shape, facing and the phenomenon with detached base material.  
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