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Stone material floor: Promotion bedroom is savoured live for grace only

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Natural stone material packs material application as ground shop the widest. Arrive from gorgeous guesthouse hotel of city white-collar comfortable small, stone material floor occupies position. The stone material sort that installs as the shop is different, brings adornment result also is widely divergent.
   The most welcome stone material floor -- marble floor

The welcome degree of marble floor not at all inferior at real wood floor, all guesthouse hotels are in big or spread on corridor almost install natural marble floor board. Marble color numerous, figure is unique, stone material surface is having ablaze burnish, very absorbing eyeball.
Marble cent is mixed for glaze without glair two kinds, glaze marble waterproof properties is better, the surface that the reason is this kind of brick is adamant smooth. This also makes the marble brick of this kind of type easily cleanness is safeguarded.
Marble floor should be far from acidity material and heat source when conserve. At ordinary times, dali flag face had better work procrastinate, although sometimes wet procrastinate to also should not be drench water or scrub.
   The stablest stone material floor -- granite floor

Granite is having different style and type, have aesthetic feeling extremely. Granite is the most abiding and the hardest, durable material in all stone material. It is fought coloring and fight corrupt capability is very strong, can counteractive butter, grease, boiling water, boiled water, coffee reachs the besmirch inside all kitchens such as the carbonic acid, beverage that contain sugar, so granite floor special apply to outfit of kitchen floor shop, and it can bear tableware, of china and glass service bump.
Clean and defend the work of granite floor very simple, should swab with clear water everyday only can, use cleanness of stone material soap every week, rinse with water later, conduce to retain a floor board sealed with burnish.
Although granite is hard, but easy by the quartz of sanded shape cut, grain meets petty quartz cause subtle nick to granite surface, the maintenance that needs major just can restore original luster, because this is in,daily care and maintenance must notice.
   The warmest and decorous stone material floor -- slate floor

Slate floor does not have marble the sort of frozen feeling, its distinctive grain and color give a person warm and decorous sense, have a kind of distinctive visual concussion feeling.
Slate is hard, compact, grain is close and distinctive, every slate is unique. Slate is had abiding and water proofing property, durable, do not need too much nurse, the area that because this suits laid,ambulates often in moisture and personnel.

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