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Nature floor asks a vessel " a list of names posted up of brand China general co

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Late on October 3, 2008, beneficent prize-giving evening party is in TV of section of brand of the 2nd China gymnasium of country of Beijing Olympic park is held ceremoniously, award of chart of brand China gold was issued wait for award during the evening party, nature floor asks a vessel successfully guide of gold of China of the 2nd brand prize is real brand of champion of wooden floor industry, make the wooden floor brand of award of chart of gold of China of exclusive and selected brand.
A prize-giving evening party of charity of TV of section of brand of the 2nd China is section of brand of the 2nd China important segment, on the evening party announced a list of names posted up of brand China general comment ceremoniously (2007-2008) series a list of names posted up is odd, include new fighting spirit of champion of award of brand China China chart, golden chart award, industry, industry to wait for award. That evening, standing manager Mr Guan Qilin attends nature brand management center the evening party, receive award on behalf of business scene. Nature floor regards an industry as surveyor's pole, the fast health that leading an industry each field such as technology, sale develops, having decisive effect on the development of real wood floor especially. Nature became the drafting unit of level of state of real wood floor, occupation standard 2000, released a ministry jointly with association of industry of Chinese forest products, Chinese consumer society 2004 " floor of Chinese real wood consumes white paper " , undertook 2008 level of state of real wood floor is authorized the conference, made enormous contribution for the development of real wood floor. At the same time nature floor with internationally eye adjusts development strategy actively, compete in order to get used to international, strengthen the cooperation of as well-known as international company and international capital ceaselessly, magenshidanli and international banking company are acquired successfully June this year (IFC) the capital of 100 million dollars of firm of two large investment is devoted, be nature brand fly infuse new power. Be elected as champion of industry of floor of brand China real wood smoothly this this one special honour is nature floor holds to solid brand to develop the significant gain of force of brand of connotation of the strategy, ceaseless rich brand, frequent promotion for years, proved the position of nature industry leader again.
Dancing still was held on the evening party " Dunhuang flying Apsaras " , brand China LOGO is deduced, dancing " 1000 hands avalokitesvara " wait for large performance program, won spot audience blast blast acclaim. The evening party is defended by phoenix inspect travel of Cao Jing of well-known news analyst, travel to defend inspect compere Yang Juan to hold the position of chair, ai Feng of chairman of alliance of brand China industry, china International commerce promotes committee vice-chairman Yu Ping, yang Wei of vice-chairman of vice-chairman of alliance of brand China industry, Chinese article couplet is smooth, vice-chairman of alliance of brand China industry, China civilian (illicit) child care of chairman of battalion economy seminar your, countrywide the Women's Federation publicizes ministry minister king to defend a country, chinese trade hurried met the 15000 people such as media of handler of expert of the relevant leader such as office director Duan Zhijiang and the brand delegacy that come from the whole nation, entrepreneur, scholar, brand, brand, news, consumer attend this second evening party.
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