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Holy elephant floor is the vanward business of industry of Chinese wood floor

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  Dimensions and position
Holy elephant group is company of flagship of industry of Chinese wood floor, emperor has an Asia in manufacturing domain like the group the first, the world produces base of research and development first-rate, 8 factories are produced per year can achieve 40 million smooth rice. In sale domain, the emperor that has had group of many more than 2000 course to consolidate accredit, unified figure in chinese mainland area only specializes in inn like series product. Emperor seems industry of Chinese wood floor to lead a brand, have famous brand of Chinese well-known logo, China, country to avoid the multinomial honor such as attestation of mark of environment of check, China. Statistical data showed 2007, emperor resembles a floor already accumulative total sale exceeds 100 million square metre, become first milepost that implementation trade sales volume spans. National statistic bureau announced on March 30, 2008: Came 1995 2007, emperor is as successive as the floor sales volume of 12 years of whole nations the first. 2008, world brand lab and " world handler weekly " evaluate jointly " Chinese brand 500 strong " in, emperor is worth 7.085 billion yuan like brand price, continue to hold a title 5 years continuously a list of names posted up of building materials industry head.
   Company strategy
Holy elephant group is one pursues the business of development of product of new and high technology, production and research, held water 1995. Group already from original advocate floor of battalion aggrandizement wood, development has fact of aggrandizement wood floor, three-layer to today Mu Mu floor, multilayer the industrial group of the many category such as course of study of real wood floor, wallpaper, furniture, door. Future, emperor will continue to hold to like the group " wooden floor specializations " strategy of this one core, floor of floor of implementation aggrandizement wood, three-layer real wood and multilayer real wood floor " 3 drive carriage, keep abreast of " pattern, retain Chinese woodiness floor board the position of the first brand. In the meantime, emperor will be started stage by stage like the group " relevant diversity strategy " , enter field of product of other household building materials stage by stage. In new field, pass the collaboration of as top-ranking as international enterprise, "The station takes off on the shoulder of giant " , develop quickly, reach home in every domain top-ranking, international is advanced level. Did not come 10 years, emperor is resembled world of China of base oneself upon, scan widely, development becomes China to provide actual strength, whole world to live in group of building materials industry bannerly most, become respect getting a person and the international that have innovation capacity most to know a person of academic or artistic distinction to rank building materials company.
   The whole world cooperates
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