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"But second birth " product market extends cork floor to get married rich can be

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"But second birth " product market extends cork floor to get married rich can be bestowed favor on newly
-- heart of conference special report closes Beijing home gain Wang Yong of domestic floor general manager

[reporter] Wang Zong hello! Heart floor adding up to the home will attend this home rich to meet, I discover our floor has a very big characteristic and window, it is us a few can look to come out in the element that designs a respect is unusual expenses idea, look make a person very absorbing eyeball, in this respect you give us simple introduction.
[Wang Yong] our floor category follows them different, what we do basically is cork floor, our company has the plant that he invests, basically be the floor board of this kind of cork that makes European Portuguese style, hold out in China little, be in China at present also two, 3, actually the mainest market still is not in the product now home, we are the mainest still is exit, compare through North America much, the United States, Canada is done morer. Home is occupied only now 20% , the portion of 30% , 60% , 70% be exit.
This product attributes slow growth in China, begin to one part person was attracted by this product place, actually the first style vision that is it feels more additional kind, with common floor different, the bark that it is oak comes to what energy industry makes, technology is more sophisticated, feeling giving a person has a few to compare the style of romance and countryside, this kind of floor lets a person be loosened quite, it is not the thing that says the person is very rigorous, feeling giving a person is loosened quite. Be in Euramerican and main it is a more mature product, be in in China start level, after one part consumer passes understanding, begin to choose this kind of product, but in the process that we still are continueing to popularize now, hope media is great support.
[reporter] then Wang Zong introduces simply to us, cork floor and hardwood floor photograph are compared, where is the largest dominant position?
[Wang Yong] same point is natural material, so tell from big field, we this kind of material is told from the meaning of great environmental protection, we are but second birth. What is but second birth? The bark of use oak makes us, after bark pared, the tree still can be brought up, again skin pares again, decorticate the tree is not dead, second birth sex is stronger, this is tell from big field. From microcosmic on tell, it is our cork flexibility good, heat preservation, Jing Yin, this is 3 its main characteristics. Jing Yin, you go in the home, especially in the morning or family slept in the evening, a person rises, this is very quiet, it is bouncy, we cry flexible floor, very quiet, won't affect someone else to rest. Heat preservation, because it has cellular structure composition, its within has air, the foot walks, it is you took off a shoe, put on a sock, smooth perhaps foot above go not cool. Still having next is stretch, after the foot walks.
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