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Emperor resembles Guo Hui: Will develop henceforth to industry of Chinese wood f

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On July 28, "Open innovation 10 years forum of president of 2007 China household " hold ceremoniously in Beijing. This forum is in Beijing Olympic Games is forthcoming 2008 below two when consume growth of total volume of retail sales with the society big setting, tackle the history from how the acting arrival when significant opportunity includes to consume, basically mix around move new industry, new pattern new 10 years, and trade promotion and enterprise upgrade 3 big themes have a conversation, reach its to solve China to live in an industry the major problem of relevant industry offers active and feasible direct way. Emperor attended this forum on invitation like group vice president Mr Guo Hui, published splendid speech, on the foundation that resembles group success experience in summary emperor, how will develop henceforth to industry of Chinese wood floor, put forward a lot of incisive and critical opinion. Full text is made up now deliver this speech, special recommend enterprise of Chinese wood floor to a lot of manager consults and be drawn lessons from.
Floor of holy elephant wood and international synchronism develop emperor to held water to 2005 to had gone 10 years from 1995 like the group, holy elephant was in Beijing 2005 when people congress hall holds 10 years of celebration, announced the next develops a program 10 years, make Chinese wood floor board namely hundred years old store, make brand of industry of top-ranking timber of China and even world, carrying out step by step at present. Should say henceforth is emperor a few years a few years of the outbalance in resembling whole system conformity, as China household industry reachs his the change of industry of floor of relevant China wood, holy elephant is being done a few very big adjust, be based on everybody to know emperor seems those who rely on build up of aggrandizement wood floor, the holy elephant in memory of a lot of consumer and aggrandizement wood floor are close together and relevant, holy elephant will become the well-known company of industry of world timber industry henceforth, want those who make trade of Chinese wood floor to get above all army enterprise. At present holy elephant is in layout, besides continue to maintain market of aggrandizement wood floor strong beyond, kind of floor respect closed to also make very large investment in solid Mu Fu, include two class among them, the first is floor of three-layer real wood, holy elephant is engaged in this kind of product earlier, collaboration of the as famousest as the world European Kang Shu group is old, this kind of collaboration promoted the development that floor of three-layer real wood is in China, holy elephant just completed new factory enlarge look, crop achieved 3 million square metre, this is plant of China's at present biggest floor of three-layer real wood, the sale that at the same time emperor resembles also did corresponding adjustment, strengthen brand shop construction further, make emperor had very big promotion like integral figure.
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