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Holy elephant attends the summer to amount to Wo Si forum on behalf of Chinese f

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The reporter learns, holy elephant group attended on behalf of Chinese floor industry this year on September 27 - in China Tianjin holds 28 days " the summer amounts to Wo Si forum " , this also is the imperscriptible top level forum on the world. Person of the same trade of the standing vice-president Guo Hui of holy elephant group and the each country high official that attend forum, enterprise and economic expert together, " global economy: Tide of below one round of growth " if the problem undertook discussing.  
As we have learned, this is the grand meeting that first time of Chinese floor industry attends personage of high end of bound of such global political circles, economy to gather. Hold this in China " the summer amounts to Wo Si forum " , offer to establish jointly by forum chairman Professor Shiwabu and Chinese premier Wen Jiabao, its purpose is to be " the whole world grows model company " creation discusses jointly with mature company, the platform that shares experience. Because the summer amounts to Wo Si,the person that forum ginseng is met grows with the whole world model the company is given priority to, be named to be so " get newly army person annual meeting " , as Chinese floor industry " get army person " the occurrence of holy elephant group, brought main topic to economic bound undoubtedly, the Chinese floor course of study that also makes low attention is spent entered global economy field of vision.
It is reported, guo Hui attended " the strategy change is reality " , " China: The green champion that bringing up? " , " grow from the whole world model the company reachs global industry citizen " and " the future of global economy: Chinese perspective " the discussion that waits for 4 main topic for discussions, he expresses to the reporter, these topics resemble the development be closely bound up that reachs floor industry with emperor, holy elephant experienced brilliant history of 13 years, as the leader of the industry, responsible in the field of vision that shows the result of Chinese floor course of study alive bound economy; And be in global economy small blown away by wind, second during borrowing the crisis to grow in intensity, the hope is mixed with respect to responsibility of citizen of catenary of industry of unifinication of internationalization strategy, whole world, enterprise advanced company undertakes respect and the international such as development of deal with concrete matters relating to work of choice of resource industry capital extensive communication and discuss.
Emperor resembles be Chinese floor course of study to get army brand, be in when the sale that was the same as an industry 2008 when dropping, it is an exception however, still maintaining the growth of two digit. Arrive at present, holy elephant mastered 1.5 million mus fast unripe forest, 8 floors factory and many 2100 retail terminal, of base material produce per year can exceed 2 million stere, get through from raw material, research and development, production, sale, the fluctuation of the service swims industrial catenary, the network spreads all over the whole nation one, 2, 3 class market and 33 countries and area; Through with Kang Shu, Anderson the strategy of two old Euramerican and top brands cooperates, established the 3 product pattern that drive carriage to keep abreast of. From 2003 with big inferior abundant industrial capital together since, holy elephant made internationalization develop strategy, will fight mode of the environmental protection technology such as bacterium, EO and advanced international management, thinking to introduce come in, had the industrial catenary position of global unifinication. Amount to Wo Si forum this on behalf of go out for a battle of Chinese floor trade, no matter be company actual strength or representative mode, be not it to not be belonged to.
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