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Blessing person purifies a floor to make healthy living

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  One, " Fu Jian " create the history
In August 2008 the Beijing of the portion, it is the sacred place that creates world sports miracle. Have new record generation everyday, a large number of heroes of gram of force of Zhongman of project China swordsman is the foil of man of group of Chinese country fencing that company of industry of Chinese forest products sponsors eventually Chinese man fencing wins gold of the first Olympic Games, the perfect union that is blessing person floor and national fencing team uses a hand medium " Fu Jian " the new history that created fencing.
At present the author had favour to attend meeting of sale of blessing person floor, finish according to ministry of career of material of land of company of industry of Chinese forest products general manager seeing brave says: Xun stomach H says one Gu of  of backbone of ┰ of near of an ancient type of spoon the 6 especially fat Wan that block locust wishs one Gu of  of  ü  the 6 children's hair that have a parent sinceres dainty of personal Sou argon makes rich  > be ignorant of this  of  of discharge of  of part of the day of ⒊ of  of mulberry of hot gorge of be favored with of Zhui drought mother, the product achieves E0, standard of E1 class environmental protection, the healthy; when utmost ensured an athlete to train is moistureproof use particular national patent moistureproof technology, shine " moistureproof sword, offer product of high-tech, high quality floor, train in order to satisfy the concentration that high temperature of high strength of national fencing group spends, achieve good result finally, as person of good fortune of industry of ethical floor board the floor will continue to be the development of Chinese sports facilities, contribute a mental efforts to promote ethos " .
   2, " Fu Jian " give scabbard, achieve again brilliant
Be in perfect and as allied as national fencing team hind, the employee of blessing person floor is experienced deeply, do not have new product without new technology, cannot serve better at user people, through the long-term effort of scientific research branch. "Blessing person floor " product of series of Zhen Mubo brilliant is in eventually of great achievements again and again appear on the market ceremoniously fall. According to south of blessing person floor Wu Xiaomin general manager introduces the area: "Blessing person floor from production the first floor begins, quality, kang Fang of annulus health care is in the first, those who get an user approbate. The sale of the Fujian Province all takes bibcock place 10 years continuously, get the deep love of broad user.
For the need of the market, mid-autumn festival during, blessing person floor is rolled out " product of series of Zhen Mubo brilliant, it is to be in the treatment process of common aggrandizement floor, adornment level adds below two " firm embellish is permeated drench rod technology " , make the product is become special firm embellish, permeate the product with very good strength, form solid " platinic brilliant face " , have wear-resisting to be able to bear or endure consequently scraping function. Use the base material of E0 standard, use technology of face of newest tall brightness, vogue and classical choiceness are united in wedlock, make model of life high-quality goods, use 12MM base material, make the high-quality goods in natural and fashionable floor, excel real wood like real wood. Be opposite to pass on broad new old user for years the deep love of blessing person floor, on September 29 - was in October 5 collect registered office of floor of person of much interest blessing (inquiry phone: 83299315) promotes favorable balance of trade low be restricted price floor, sell out till. This is activity yielding benefit throughout history is best. This is activity yielding benefit throughout history is best..
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