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The rise that remembers Chinese floor board -- emperor resembles wooden industry

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Be destined 8 years is a not ordinary a particular year, it witnessed the victory of Beijing Olympic Games to hold, the identity of big country of Yo of the polity in consolidating further. To emperor 8 same years the elephant also is a not ordinary year, 100 million meters get offline, the user is broken through 3 million, this a series of act show holy elephant becomes an industry to get army brand, earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River assisted the action to reflect emperor to resemble the responsibility that assumes as place of citizen of a special society. Emperor shows like everything what what do emperor resembles management key to had begun to transfer, sell the identity changeover of the contributor that can develop continuously to the society from single floor.
Can develop included content continuously extensive and multifarious, emperor is like concentration at 2 o'clock, the a bitth can last be an industry development, ceaseless research and development tastes the important way that is development of a business newly, holy elephant already built line of business of the first timber of domestic a few days ago research center, domestic floor enterprise has the floor be just round the corner of own intellectual property. can last of the environment namely at 2 o'clock development, for this emperor the elephant is thrown gigantic endowment build fast unripe forest, in to the redound nature of times breaks up while nature is asked for, achieve environment balance, protection belongs to popular a green.
Wooden industry is resembled in emperor before research center building, master in hand of magnate of foreign timber estate about the crucial technology of the floor, orgnaization of research and development is structure of traditional scientific research, cannot demand of fast joint market. Holy elephant is gotten as Chinese floor industry army the brand decides to make the floor intellectual property that belongs to China, cast off the condition of person of be enslaved to be enslaved to.
Research center building throws industry of timber of elephant of very fast emperor quickly in process of research and development. According to emperor Miao Jing of engineer of as chief as center of wooden estate research and development skill has gentleman introduction, the characteristic of this research center depends on professional research and market phase union, rely on emperor to master global market demand as in time as the market network of the floor, win the task that the product studies and way thereby. And achievement of research and development is met again by very fast by throw on the market in, the lab of floor function sex that emperor still depends on building like research center uniqueness has world advanced level, can pursue the basic research of the many sided such as heating of floor terrestrial heat, wearability, integral performance technically. Rely on holy elephant to come for years the data that gathers in floor production, service regards technology of center of floor research and development as the database.
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