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Circumference floor " royal impression " craft of pure manual archaize

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Hind industrialized times, a what kind of home do we need? Cast off machine-made industrial product, longing returns nature, go experiencing afresh rural. Having this one ideal is the idea of great majority person, also include actual strength floor to create a company among them -- circumference floor. Via the design research and development between two years of a long time, circumference rolls out his ceremoniously in National Day eve " royalty " familial another arrogant child -- floor of archaize of series of impression of royal & #8226; .
With solid Mu Weizun, pure handiwork makes royal impression
The person of floor of familiar circumference series is very clear, circumference ever rolled out floor of royal dragon bamboo last year, its exceed what strong function with one action makes its win customer to love, hold fair market share. The floor of archaize of impression of royal & #8226; that rolls out this has real wood and real wood multilayer and compound two series, all use rare log material to make, complementary catch processing with anaglyph hand, build the smell of the Wang Zhe that gives highest quality of royal and rural in one's heart.
Want to make this commendable temperament, but circumference floor made great efforts suffering one time. Look be like optional grain, actually passes elaborate design, and floor of impression of #8226; of every royal & , pass exclusive scratch and chromatic plan, exterior grain passes manual processing to make have the concave and convex feeling that cause, the grain of lumber itself is more clear also, also had the tactile impression that this tentacle can feel. Under scrutiny, the clear spring of one arteries and veins that breaks breath of modern city iciness as do all one can, with actually simple sense of wood, cooperate to go up honour flourish comes extremely pure manual burnish, deliver for contemporary family royal exalted.
With the style say, reveal royal imperial craft
Natural and graceful and showily, it is the direct impression to royalty. Make by circumference floor " royal · impression " follow of it may be said of series archaize floor this one tradition. No matter be Italy low-key and costly, flange the natural romance on the west, the nostalgic noble of England, the straightforward this world of boreal Europe is firm, of Spain bright and bold and unrestrained can be in " impression of royal & #8226; " obtain one by one in the floor. More important is, circumference lives to advocate the person of character offerred more colour alternatives, ten kinds of colour, all pass research of several years and practice, apply every floor to go up, make circumference " impression of royal & #8226; " the floor had distinctive chromatic plan, thereby complete hair disinter comes to the temperament lumber itself and soul, the depict of natural amorous feelings like will mottled Gu Shu gets incisively and vividly. At this point, that abstruse royal spirit is shown and go out, made the everybody demand to the United States.
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