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Fu Lin floor leads future popular trend

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Recently, one lives in media, Fu Lin by expert of association of industry of Chinese forest products, adornment association, hotel trade association, abroad, part the floor future that the floor holds jointly is popular of the trend discuss in Guangzhou east guesthouse is held. On the meeting, numerous the tendency that the person that attend the meeting discussed prospective floor to develop from 3 angle: The first, visual touch is experienced will more and more the choice of dominant consumer, especially real wood floor, solid Mu Fu adds up to floor archaize to spend the principal part that can make future; The 2nd, product structure respect government natural resources managing model develop; The 3rd, aggrandizement and solid Mu Fu add up to category to will make the principal part of the market, real wood changes development to high end stage by stage, aggrandizement forward direction of copy real wood has more show. Current environment is international log price is climbed ceaselessly rise, and the protective strength to silvan natural resources increases log exit country ceaselessly, the cost of production enterprise of domestic timber floor unexpectedly leap, in addition, suffer the effect that the RMB appreciates ceaselessly, and the house of CPI index does not fall high, the other cost of the enterprise also is climbed successively subsequently litre. How the main task that acclimatization searchs an outlet had been floor enterprise.
The president of Fu Lin floor that attend the meeting holds analysis of president Mr Zhang Jie strong concurrently to say: Floor trade situation compares a year one year austere, but from the point of business development, want to prepare somewhat only, the chance that grim situation expands translate into business greatly, the development way that wanted you to hold floor future only and had answer measure, feel ahead of schedule even, can win in the market first machine. Fu Lin floor from the beginning that build a plant very of the research and development that notes a product and tide hold, insist to have product research and development to direct with market demand from beginning to end. Look from investment, fu Lin floor threw collaboration of institute of lumber of 130 million as scientific as Chinese forestry academy to build Lin Ke this year in July center of research and development of Yuan Fulin floor, will become the center of floor research and development with Hua Na the largest area, also be the center of the biggest research and development that the branch is in charge of to be built jointly related the enterprise in floor industry and country; From the point of product promotion, fu Lin floor rolled out pure floor of the floor of series of the Er that pull Fei that gets used to prospective popularity trend, number floor and aggrandizement. Floor of the Er that pull Fei with technology of distinctive artisan of hand of be handed down from ancient times, be in period of 15 centuries renaissance Europe the effect of mural float protruding with faddish royalty is perfect deduce, craft of float of protruding of artisan of hand of be handed down from ancient times, as carving the artistic result that Mu Wen presents like curiosa, grain is clearer, natural, truer and delicate, can satisfy the requirement that prospective floor consumes about tactile vision and culture completely; Floor of Fu Lin number exceeds principle of structure of stable crystal stress according to cubic diamond, use high-tech HDF " fight ability of core of environmental protection of the heat of the earth's interior " , along with is precious real wood face plate, a natural log falls to pledge veneer freely crisscross is arranged on, form 5 distinctive " cubic constant " type stress balances a structure, bore the weight of the advantage of real wood floor and aggrandizement floor, accomplished innovation from the structure; Floor of rich Lin Chunzhen uses an entrance paper of design and color of high-definition log grain, armor plate of German essence steel squelchs, wear-resisting layer and adornment layer are completely shirt-sleeve together, make natural and clear meticulous grain, as if the natural cool breeze that one dirt did not catch, guide consumer to return to simple and unadorned pure time, of the summit summit that makes floor board of copy real wood make.
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