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Floor of nature three-layer real wood does good family life to be able to bear o

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The floor is able to bear or endure as the life of a family things, want to overcome northward and dry character already, want to overcome the moisture of coastal city again, and Mudebanzun uses data naturally for a kind, natural the drying shrinkage that has a typical case, wet the character that go up, so the stability of wooden floor is attached most importance to especially should. Real wood floor (real wood veneer is made and become) beautiful and easy, wear well, but its fight Hou sex to depend on the stress of lumber itself, in fact of our country certain zone wooden floor is not very appropriate. To satisfy the people expectation to floor of high grade wood, can get used to north and south extensively to live in an environment again, the first space rolled out nature ceremoniously floor of nature three-layer real wood.
The floor of nature three-layer real wood that holds characteristic of product of a real wood and aggrandizement concurrently to be an organic whole, have the beautiful, high feeling of real wood floor, have aggrandizement floor board again fight not wear-resisting, changeful form, stability advanced advantage, and multilayer solid Mu Fu adds up to floor photograph to compare, also be to have a lot of advantage.
General and multilayer the skin that solid Mu Fu joins a floor board is 0.6 millimeter only thick (same ply of piece of 157g art paper is identical) , skin is Qiemupi coming back, do not have durable sex, easy injury, integral service life is briefer, floor of nature three-layer real wood is used much to cut, have quite high demand character to material, choose the core area with the best character of outstanding lumber only, the ply with bigger surface layer, added floor surface to add factor of wear-resisting of solidify of distinctive ultraviolet light, wearability and flexibility upgrade considerably.
Normally multilayer solid Mu Fu adds up to floor number of plies more, it is commonly 9, 11, adhesive makes dosage increases necessarily, environmental protection sex is relatively so insufficient, adhesive character of home is at present various, pass away the sham as the genuine, partial enterprise adopts the adhesive of insufficient environmental protection for managing cost, cause multilayer the it is certain to produce quality to have fluctuation zephyr a place difficult of access that solid Mu Fu joins a floor board. The nature that advocates green environmental protection all the time the first space more blend in environmental protection concept nature three-layer real wood in compound floor, environmental protection performance is good, consumer can be at ease choose and buy.
The durable sex that floor of nature three-layer real wood withheld real wood floor not only, natural sex and environmental protection sex, had those who investigate solid Mu Fu to join a floor board to fight Hou sex at the same time, the lacquer of nature active zoology that because add,returns, can release anion continuously (O2-(h2o)n) is static change indoor air, "The times that create delicacy " advent, preserve one's health is between breath.
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