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Jia Sen floor

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On September 30, 2008 afternoon, be in Shenzhen of 2008 China · on Cultural Festival of floor of the world of the 2nd home, by major of Shenzhen city floor board committee is sponsorred, limited company of trade of Shenzhen city Jia Senmu industry undertakes " industrialization of residence of · of Jia Sen floor and forum of good luck of floor industry development " , can exhibit a center at Shenzhen assembly room of a forum holds a house ceremoniously, delegate of delegate of firm of design of outfit of the delegate of estate development business that pays close attention to residential industrialization development, home, trade of adornment building materials, owner delegate and partial elite stylist in all 200 more than person attended this second forum.

"Shenzhen of 2008 China · Cultural Festival of floor of the world of the 2nd home " it is major of Shenzhen city floor board committee afterwards is held successfully last year " Cultural Festival of floor of first home the world " later, the great event of another year industry that combines member unit organization. It is reported, this second forum is activity of a of Cultural Festival of floor of the world of the 2nd home large theme, because agree " residential industrialization " topic of this one heat and times suffer fix eyes upon. This second forum takes thematic lecture and spot interactive synchronism undertakes, honored guest of give a lecture is modernization of property of residence of graduate school of Tsinghua university Shenzhen, Shenzhen to develop the strategy to study task member Dr. Zhang Yuyan, he around " producer type evolves into the global industry transition that finish -- the look up before reviewing the history and future " , " the industrialization of residential industrialization -- the revolution of a traditional industry " , " the residence decorates policy completely publish setting and prospective activity -- industry, develop the current situation and industrial catenary how to tightened the respect such as close cooperation to do development to elaborate to residential industrialization from national policy, domestic and international residence. The personage inside the delegate of enterprise of Shenzhen floor brand and the course of study that attend the meeting " the current situation of course of study of one's own profession and prospective development direction " , " how to answer residential industrialization general trends " reach " how to accomplish an environment the energy-saving, route that takes harmonious development " .
Shenzhen regards domestic house industrialization as one of pilot cities, already guided residential industrialization from governmental level executive phase. One-time decorate housing to already made trend of a kind of development, xin Jiabo and country of a few wests already implemented this kind of method, and development situation is favorable, be worth to draw lessons from and learn. The city such as domestic Beijing, Shanghai regards residential industrialization pioneer as the city, in clothbound long respect also was achieved very tall than the row. Personage attending the meeting thinks, clothbound room conduces to environmental protection energy-saving, construction is managing model society; Next, to real-estate industry, also conduce to a building dish sale, produce new profit point of growth; Again, to decorating building materials industry character, conduce to the standard of the market. Finally, consumer also is the beneficiary that clothbound writes policy, can save many time, energy and financial capacity. Be in of course specific a lot of problem also can be faced in carrying out, need everybody to be discussed jointly answer, achieve through close cooperation win an objective more.

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