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Domestic and international electron is antistatic the reviewing of equipment ind

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3. Static electricity proof packaging this line of the products is more, outside dividing individual breed, main can contented home needs, the product is antistatic function accords with home and international standard requirement basically, but precision of dimension of rigid plastics container, mechanical intensity, flexible pack be able to bear or endure corrupt gender, be able to bear or endure function of high low temperature still needs to improve. Izvestia recently, home already ground give out ability the static electricity proof packaging of high temperature of 200 degrees of above, realize commercialization to export abroad, provide the company such as Intel.
4.Antistatic the operating system delivers equipment to have workbench, chair, electric iron with content shedding, suck tinware, maintenance tool, deposit ark, transmission belt to wait a moment. Home of this kind of product already can be offerred in great quantities, it is certain product workmanship remains to rise only.
5.Special with antistatic equipment product ion is electrostatic arrester (do not include dormant model radioactivity is electrostatic arrester) in home mass-produced already put in the market, its have table, strong pattern, wind act type, belt to compress airy gun type to wait. At present home still does not have independent product standard (onefold antistatic function test standard already had, see occupation standard of new castigatory electron " electronic product is made as antistatic as applied system detect current standard " ) . Homebred and ionic electrostatic arrester, outside removing partial brand, in needle of dependability, discharge the index such as service life still needs to improve. Additionally concerned ozone, instrument installs all inspection to measure index to still do not have formulate, . These problems need to solve. Antistatic agent (electric pink, glue, dried meat) in home mass-produced already, main can contented home needs. Rice of low cost accept is antistatic add material to await development urgently.
6.Test instrument home is electrostatic detect technical research is more fragile, research and development of test instrument whole is opposite lag. Like electrostatic attenuation instrument (do not include to decline partly appearance) , the important instrument such as instrument of ionic balance analyzer, electrostatic screen, home still does not have production. Blame contact is electrostatic volmeter checks an error because of its the big, existence in using a few problems. National army mark " blame contact is electrostatic volmeter calibration standard " already passed 2005 authorized, will rise to urge action to development of industry science and technology. Home of equipment of test of electrostatic discharge susceptibility already research and development is become piece, and throw on the market.
7.Home standardizes a state to be after 2000, electronic industry is antistatic metric system works surely, manage in national MII science and technology unified leader falls, hold water antistatic metric system heads a working group surely, to the standard program, project approving, make, authorized execute democratic and decision-making scientific management, make occupation standard makes the job enter benign loop. GB already was made inside electronic industry at present 4, national army mark 6, travel mark 15, local standard 4 (do not include aerospace system) , preliminary look adult is, strong stimulative industry grows. National army mark is basically equivalent use U.S. Army label (MIL) , there is partial equivalent to use international Electrotechnical Committee or level of American ESD association in occupation standard. Basic standard already became a system, antistatic project standard remains to perfect. At present the Shang Mojian inside the industry establishs corresponding international Electrotechnical Committee (the information contact orgnaization of IEC) and American ESD association, remain to perfect.
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