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Domestic and international electron is antistatic the reviewing of equipment ind

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(2) home is antistatic the technical development existing state of affairs of equipment industry is antistatic equipment industry already went to commercialize, in respect of national technology research and development investment compares little state of affairs to fall, antistatic the enterprise of equipment industry and unit overcame a lot of difficulty, gained remarkable success.
1.Ground level ground kind at present domestic production breed basically has material to be worn high antistatic mobile floor, epoxy resin and get together brick of floor of level ground of amine fat ground, PVC, balata kind plank, ceramic tile kind etc, industrialization is formed mostly outside dividing ceramic tile. The steel among the floor is qualitative, tall technology of die-casting aluminous floor (accord with MOB standard) already conformed with international and export abroad in great quantities. Domestic woodiness, inorganic is qualitative (do not include cement particieboard) , Sha Mozhu aluminous floor because treatment precision is mixed board matrix quantity remains to rise, but also have a few export. New board base material expects (calcium sulfate is waited a moment) develop and use, although in home individual manufacturer is produced already, but inside countrywide limits, still be in primary level, this is a kind of product that has development outlook very much. Epoxy resin and get together amine fat material is used at in home antistatic respect time is not long, because its are better bright and clean spend and mechanical intensity, it is a kind of product that has good progress perspective. But this product is antistatic function stability, exterior and index of certain and mechanical function remain to rise. Antistatic development of PVC floor brick gives time earlier. Because its cost is low, antistatic performance is good, construction is simple. Domestic and international dosage is bigger. The product that home produces, in be able to bear or endure corrupt, fight ageing sex, resistance the test is nonlinear wait for a respect to still need to improve. PVC coils material home already was developed, it is a kind of product that has development outlook, antistatic ceramic tile is good because of effect of its wear-resisting, flame retardant, adornment wait for a characteristic, have development outlook. But small issue of intensity of machinery of this product presence, still be in promotion phase.
2.Human body is electrostatic protective equipment kind electrostatic protective equipment already became human body seriation, can satisfy home to need basically, antistatic coverall place uses homebred and electric silk (fiber) quality and foreign existence difference, additional its workmanship, take a sex (permeability) wait for a respect to still remain to perfect. Concerned coverall (cloth) clean technology kimono uses sexual index, domestic level had be notted make, belong to blank to be badly in need of solving. Occupy MII recently antistatic standardization working group introduces, be about to authorized, chinese electron occupation standard " antistatic clean coverall and fabric are general and normative " standard, already put forward clean spend and take sexual respect to check index, fill domestic blank conforms with international, promoted progress of industry science and technology strongly.
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