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Domestic and international electron is antistatic the reviewing of equipment ind

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Came 1993 2001 is our country electron antistatic equipment industry development gets a period more quickly. Just about our country includes significant progress direction electronic informatization construction, also be with national “ project of 3 gold ” is a delegate a series of involving the period that major project starts national economy informatization and informatization of national defence electron and carries out. This period also is electronic industry introduces the period with more foreign capital. In the Ministry of Electronic Industry (MII predecessor) of concerned branch mix below support energetically antistatic the colleague of equipment association falls hard, the electron is antistatic equipment industry gets very great progress, established our country electron at the same time antistatic equipment industry expands a base, make its take shape. Serve right now at each industry antistatic product production manufacturer exceeded more than 500, trafficker exceeds more than 1000, form encircle 3 big industries to center an area with delta of the Yangtse River, Pearl River delta and economy of annulus suddenly sea. Antistatic equipment branch course is rectified incognito for guild of Chinese electron instrument antistatic equipment branch, party member amounts to more than 260. MII is strengthened standardization manages and advanced system reform to establish electronic industry antistatic standardization working group, concern through trying hard several years to make antistatic preliminary look adult fastens the standard and conform with international standard part, the powerful science and technology that promoted a trade progresses. Antistatic equipment breed develops a few kinds, form seriation, major contented country is civil build need with national defence, some products (mobile floor, pack, shoe of dress, work) export the United States, Japan, Taiwan and southeast Asia a few countries. According to not complete count, sale of the product inside the industry and project contract the forehead exceeds one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight (do not include foreign capital) , serve at IT course of study more than 12000 enterprises. This period, congener product swarms into foreign capital in succession home, begin to form competition with domestic product.
2001 up to now, national policy is adjusted somewhat during this, take structural adjustment, a few projects expand electronic trade speed rein in, the market appears intense competition phenomenon, a lot of enterprises are entered adjust period, the enterprise quits this trade or little part closes down, the business development the look of things with also have partial base good is good, dimensions expands ceaselessly. These enterprises enter benign loop, represented an industry to develop way. Be in our country, the electron is antistatic equipment industry is the industry that is dominant with civilian battalion enterprise, and it is to commercialize the industry with very high rate, the electron is antistatic at the same time equipment industry also is industry of sex of a foundation, actually, its served case to build all national economy is medium involving the branch that informatization equips and domain, more than 30 years development course explains adequately, dimensions of development of national electron informatization decides the electron is antistatic speed of equipment industry development and level, at present although this industry still is in initial stage to develop level, but main effect is risen to not allow to ignore in national informatization construction.
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