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Domestic and international electron is antistatic the reviewing of equipment ind

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International Electrotechnical Committee also sets special orgnaization TC101 electrostatic be made in group and coordinate international to concern electrostatic defend standard and research arrangements. Be in at present Euramerican, electrostatic cause to electronic industry bigger damage a problem to already got be settlemented basically. 2. Of our country of domestic general situation electrostatic defend initiative at last centuries 60 time. The industry development such as exploitation of this period oil, chemical industry, colliery is rapid, because of electrostatic the explosive fire accident that cause is added gradually much, a few petrifaction, labor insurance and professional safety branch begin to consider and be administered electrostatic cause fire explosion accident. Electronic industry is antistatic the career starts be later than system of work of petrifaction, fire, colliery, it is in order to consider electrostatic how damage to microelectronics parts of an apparatus and component and prevent this kind of damage and arise. Start the earliest at going up century seventies metaphase, from introduce foreign computer computer room to use antistatic mobile floor is modelled on about the unit by home begin. Of electronic industry antistatic the problem still is in budding phase when industry of our country IT grows initial stage seventies. . Since entering 80 age, information Industry of our country electron is adjusted as national industry policy it is important to rate its rate its the state after developing way, the industry such as the computer, communication, integrated circuit entered rapid development period, electrostatic harm issue is outstanding, produced undesirable effect to the production of circuit of our country large scale integration and electronic informatization development. .
Additionally electrostatic problem also involved quality of war industry product. Almost contemporaneity, a large number of foreign capital (Euramerican, Japan) introduce, to microelectronics manufacturing environment puts forward new antistatic concept and requirement, quicken antistatic the formation of equipment industry. The electron is antistatic equipment industry forms time to be in roughly 1984 to 1991. Because develop lopsided sex, computer computer room and place of programmed control computer room use antistatic floor manufacturing industry most develop first rise. Inside about 7 years of time before 1992, floor factory by so 4, 5 development go to more than 120, distributing to be mixed in south of China north, Jiangsu, Zhejiang other area. At this moment electronic industry has official seal the first times the national level of electrostatic floor (made 1986) with the first antistatic national army mark (made 1993) release. Our country is antistatic equipment association (Chinese electron is special equipment association is antistatic equipment branch) held water 1992, member unit has more than 20 only at that time. The electronic major that our country passes national level attestation exclusively is antistatic center of product qualitative check also held water 1993. At that time antistatic the product basically has ground level ground kind material (antistatic mobile floor, rubber slab, PVC) , human body protective equipment, pack kind wait for breed. Output is less, technical level is inferior, scale of production is minor, only floor production implements scale a bit and introduce foreign technology. What serve for electronic industry right now is antistatic equipment produces manufacturer more than 160, total output value is less than billion yuan.
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