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Industry of domestic and international electron is antistatic standard

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Outside eliminating 3 afore-mentioned levels, there still are the standard of a lot of data sides and test method standard inside MIL standard system, here no longer one one give uncecessary details.
4, home is antistatic standard formulate overview
In last few years, electronic product is antistatic standard job already had certain progress. Mark of craft of product of spaceflight system, electron appoint radio of meeting, whole nation disturbs mark appoint can organize personnel to establish a standard in succession. The standard that already issued now has: GB12059-89 " the electron is industrial synthetic fibre is antistatic net function and experiment method " , GB / T13926.2—92 " industrial procedure measures the electromagnetism compatibility with control equipment electrostatic discharge asks " , SJ20154-92 " IT equipment is electrostatic discharge susceptibility experiments " , QJ1875—90 " electrostatic test method " , QJ1693—89 " electron yuan parts of an apparatus is antistatic requirement " , QJ1950-90 " antistatic operating system technology asks " etc. Preparing an electron in the mark of formulate yuan parts of an apparatus is made antistatic equipment of technical requirement, electron is made antistatic technical requirement, new-style antistatic adornment board, integrated circuit is antistatic protective agent standard, plasticity is antistatic can heat up cut off material. From look on the whole, these standard projects still lack unified program and arrangement, systematization is not consequently strong.
5, about electronic product antistatic standardize what the job develops to think of a tower
The first part has spoken of the article, systematization is electronic product electrostatic defend one big characteristic of the job, in view of this, electrostatic defend the job should the overall proceed with from the system, the interface of suitable scope of the composition that studies its standard synthesis and each standard reachs his immanent connection. Use the constituent means that advanced standardization works, change a method to handle with Miscellaneous Leaflet namely antistatic standardization problem, it is current and principal settlement problem. This mights as well develop train of thought from the following respects:
1. Digest absorb international and foreign standard.
Home is antistatic standardize the job begin still cannot catch up with industrial developed country far, a lot of problems are still unrecognized, so, digest absorbing advanced standard of international and abroad is the shortcut that raises level of our country level. Every home's applicable standard should give arrangement is changed, changing itself is a thorough analysis, process that contrast and studies, to the abhorrent clause in foreign same standard, if defy the definition of electrostatic material ” about “ , IEC801-2 sets every to for the surface resistor rate is 1011 ohm of 105 ~ ; DoD—HDBK - the regulation of 263 is a material cent is ” of material of “ electrostatic dissipation (exterior resistor rate is 105 ~ 109. Ohmic every) fight rate of resistor of surface of electrostatic material ”(to be 1014 ohm of 109 ~ with “ every) ; IEC / TC47(c. O)1330 stipulates “ fights electrostatic material ” to belong to the material that cannot lead classification by resistor, can qualitative should chafe relatively for “ or from identical or when other and similar data is separate, present least charge to generate characteristic material ” , we ought to consider to choose through the analysis, and unfavorable and blind apply mechanically. Yi Ru of other and similar problem is.
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