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Industry of domestic and international electron is antistatic standard

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This experiment method applies to MOS parts of an apparatus and microwave semiconductor device, aim to decide parts of an apparatus inside defend adaptability, design at guidance with benefit. The electrostatic discharge that causes because of day-to-day operation for imitate parts of an apparatus is endangered, two experiments voltage gave out in the standard, high pressure is 2000V, the purpose is the degree of the mark that whether affirmatory parts of an apparatus reachs need to operate precautionary measures and use a provision specially and symbol, low pressure is 500V, the purpose is to decide interior of parts of an apparatus defends whether endure approvingly namely or the electrostatic discharge level that after adopting special operation precautionary measures, still exists. Of course, the parts of an apparatus that allows specific type uses the experiment voltage n that is different from afore-mentioned regulations. Experiment principle circuit sees a picture 1.
Afore-mentioned circuit and principle of circuit of experiment of overall and electrostatic discharge are same, but circuit element numerical value is different. Increased switch S2, its action is to ensure parts of an apparatus be tryinged is in the safety when assembling and unassemble.
2) TC47(c. O)1330 " of electrostatic and sensitive parts of an apparatus defend " , came on stage in June 1993, send each National Committee to have a comment.
The person that this standard aims to help the use of sensitive parts of an apparatus masters electrostatic defended essentials, include operation, label, responsibility, groom and each respects such as the examination, in order to build reliable electrostatic defend control system; In the meantime, the requirement that it still provides the job such as all sorts of area of choice of design, material, work, appliance, ground, dress or function field and pack, examination, experiment the program that wait and method.
This standard, content is richer, systematization is strong, involve sensitive parts of an apparatus electrostatic defend the square field surface of the problem, be opposite especially electrostatic defend the job of the area asks close and the regulation is careful, and with sketch map, this is electrostatic to needing to build defend local environment of the place has actual and direct sense very much.
Of course, the formation according to IEC file process, it still lies CD file (commission draft) level, release formally still need time, but do not reduce its guidance import because of this, change in time to it very be necessary, otherwise when after official standard comes on stage, change all right again use, the likelihood affects the work.
3, MIL is antistatic standard formulate overview
The first part has mentioned the article, product of electron of American for military use is antistatic control works only then seventies earlier, fourth DoD—STD—1686 was released first 1980 after accumulating several years of experience " electric with electronic spare parts, component and equipment (electric spark detonate device except) electrostatic discharge defends control outline " , edited 1988 for MIL—STD—1686A (military standard of our country of equivalent already translate into, GJB1649-93, edited again 1992 for 1686B) . This standard is involved electrostatic to meeting with easily harm electric electron part is in design, experiment, examination, maintenance, make, treatment, assemble, installation, pack, each link such as keep in storage ask with what carry out electrostatic discharge pilot in formulate, reach the circumstance that asks to carrying out these to undertake check and be evaluatinged. This standard applies to electrostatic and sensitive voltage to be less than the product of 3 kinds of electrons of 16000V; I kind for 0 ~ 1999V; Ⅱ kind for 2000 ~ 3999V; Ⅲ kind for 4000 ~ 15999V. Gave out to produce the criterion that tastes sensitive category and program certainly through the experiment in standard appendix.
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