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Industry of domestic and international electron is antistatic standard

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5) 1994 year in March, give out 15D (Sec. ) 35 files, establish WG5, the decision is mixed in European standard EN100 015 and its revision 47 (Germany) 794 proposals (method of mechanical model test of —— of standard of electrostatic and sensitive parts of an apparatus) and 47 (Sec. ) 1330 (of sensitive electronic parts defend) on commission draft foundation, draft a standard with TC47 cooperation " the current requirement that fights electrostatic electronic parts to defend " .
Now, the working progress of SCl5D is very rapid, the activity is frequent also, held working meeting in German Frankfurt in June 1993 for example, held working meeting in London again in July 1994, and agenda is contented, except the consideration 5 working groups are mixed 3 special working groups (it is electronics ESD model, flammability model and ionic generator respectively) outside special subject report, discuss even revise its great and decision-making part and wait for matters concerned with other commission efforts. Regretful is, at present the unit putting in a mouth 's charge of home and SCl5D speak or sing alternately has not decide, reason lacks the research that has an organization to its working paper.
By the IEC1087(1991) of TC15 formulate " the guideline that assess takes ammeter face to discharge " , by the IEC-93(1980) of SCl5A formulate " rate of resistor of bulk of solid insulating material and the experiment method that exterior resistor leads " (equivalent already use for GB1410—89) test of electrostatic to material function also has direct sense.
5. Committee of technology of semiconductor device of IEC / TC47.
Cong Jing report defends for angle, parts of an apparatus of schism of electrostatic and sensitive semiconductor and integrated circuit —— belong to the one part —— of the product inside the technical domain with this TC responsible institute electrostatic defended key target. Accordingly, this TC allows early to give with respect to static to defending bid attention. 1982, issued IECl47—OF official standard, it is pair of IECl47-0 " semiconductor device is basic rating and character and the fundamental that check a method the 0th part: General principles and term " (1966) complement the 6th times, set antistatic requirement and symbolic mark.
1983, the standard that TC47 already issued to its was made afresh rectify edit, after IEC147-0 and its all previous are compensatory by unified version IEC741-1 " parts of an apparatus of schism of semiconductor device —— and integrated circuit the 1st part: General principles " be replaced. Regrettablly is, this most the standard of fundamental sex is released already 10 years superabundant, because home concerns a respect to coordinate the work each,join eventually not proper, up to now have not level of translate into country.
Some closer year come, TC67 in succession some electrostatic standard files come on stage, introduce 2 main standards now:
1) 47(c. O)1246 date file " electrostatic and sensitive parts of an apparatus is right short when the experiment method of the electronic parts with voltage sensitive pulse " , after was being voted to pass by each National Committee in April 1992, the 2nd additional standard that already served as IEC747—1(1983) in October 1993 is published formally become its the 9th chapter the 3rd.
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