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Industry of domestic and international electron is antistatic standard

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4. Committee of technology of insulating material of SC15D of / of IEC / TCl5 committee of technology of / electrostatic credit.
Just as its name implies, committee of this minutes of technology is to be engaged in insulating material technically the committee of electrostatic research. It is the industry of TCl5 / WG2“ that established 1986 on the foundation of ” of working group of electrostatic problem research, held water 1990, the chairman is Dr. K. Davis (Englishman) , secretariat is set in France, secretary by Mr. C. Mengug is held the position of. The task of this SC is:
(1) is differentiated and show electrostatic phenomenon to be in electrician course of study and the benefit in be not electrician course of study and fraud, offer concerned term, the guideline of classification, method and method, reduce a harm in order to raise industrial benefit appearance;
(2) sets experiment method and relevant requirement, the generation of static charge of surface of material of assess of in order to, put stay and dissipation, and as close as the technical committee that concerns in ISE / ISO cooperation, provide the guide about the product;
(3) basis and explosive atmosphere of IEC / TC31 use the task of agreement of commission of electric equipment technology, endangering the consequence of electrostatic discharge below the environment certainly;
(4) offers imitate the guideline of electrostatic phenomenon and electrostatic discharge method, the experiment method of the functional immunity to interference of the electric facility that does not include pair of electrostatic discharge.
Hold water as a result of SCl5D before long, up to now have not formulate gives official standard. Following standard is at present in active formulate:
15D of 1) secretariat file (Sec. ) 3 " use the method that measures rate of dissipation of electrostatic carry on one's shoulder directly to check material of insulation and electrostatic dissipation and its surface " . In March 1994, give out 15D again (Sec. ) 31 files, the decision adjusts WGl (the 1st working group) , be in 15D (Sec. ) the standard is drafted on 3 files foundation " determine material and exterior dissipation are electrostatic the experiment method of ability of carry on one's shoulder " .
15D of 2) secretariat file (Sec. ) 4 " attrition is electrostatic the assess of effect " . In March 1994, give out 15D again (Sec. ) 32 files, the decision adjusts WG2, be in 15D (Sec. ) the standard is drafted on 4 files foundation " the assess with electrostatic and characteristic attrition " .
15D of 3) secretariat file (Sec. ) 3 " the experiment method that the electrostatic effect character that assembles floor and floor overburden changes " . In March 1994, give out 15D again (Sec. ) 33 files, the decision adjusts WG3, be in 15D (Sec. ) this standard is drafted on 13 files foundation.
4) 1994 year in March, give out 15D (Sec. ) 34 files, the decision adjusts WG4, be in in 15D (Sec. ) inside the proposal limits of the new job project of title of 22 files research, the standard that draft " the resistor rate that is used at dominating electrostatic data is measured " .
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