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Industry of domestic and international electron is antistatic standard

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2. Electric equipment of SCB of / of IEC / TC77 (include a network) the committee of electromagnetism compatibility technology between / industry and other blame are public system and committee of technology of its equipment cent.
According to IEC guideline 107 " the guideline of publication of standard of compatibility of the electromagnetism that draft " regulation, the main task of TC77 is formulate about blasting off, immunity to interference and experiment method have the versatility foundation document that uses a sense extensively. To improve efficiency, other TC begins TC77 nonintervention successfully the job, or the task that is in charge of technically by other TC, but come in the working domain that all collects TC77 with proper way by the file of these TC formulate.
In view of this, divide technical committee by the B of TC77 by the IEC801—2 mark brigadier of TC65 formulate, namely SC77B is unified take-over, the organization edits and its changeover is new standard IEC—2000—4—2 " electromagnetism compatibility the 4th part: Experiment and measure an order the 2nd: Electrostatic discharge and fight refuse degree of test " . Although this standard gives number already, but still be secretariat file at present " 77B (Sec. ) 89 " , shang Zaixiu is ordered in. Once edit,finish, IEC801—2 will be abolished, replace by IEC1000—4—2 place.
3. IT equipment of / of Special Committee on Radio Interference of international of CISPR / SCG disturbs character to divide technical committee.
This SC in December 1992 with CISPR / G(C. Form of O)20 date file puts forward draft standard IEC24—2 " IT equipment (ITE) immunity to interference the 2nd part: Electrostatic discharge asks " , send each National Committee to seek an opinion. This standard applies to IT equipment, include imitate to transmit, terminal unit and digital facilities, aim to set a technology to have to evaluate information the working ability when be affected by electrostatic discharge. Establishing this standard is because operate personnel,contact equipment directly for imitate or cause because of electrostatic field induction with adjacent object (or equipment) the electrostatic discharge between. Standard regulation, an equipment under test sets 6 tests site at least, this is meant should endure discharge 200 times (negative pole each 100) . Among them 1 the dot should get 50 times be not direct contact discharge, the others nods each 3 times to be endured 50 times (aggregate 150) direct contact discharge. Of course, no matter be former,still be latter belongs to osculatory discharge. Undertake impossibly to some osculatory the equipment of discharge. The hits possibly place when answering an user to use chooses a space to discharge. The experiment n that this standard gives out is: Contact discharge 3kV, dimensional discharge 8kV.
Basic thinking of this draft standard and IEC801—2 is same, but put in a lot of detail sex difference in specific requirement side (it is very important that this is nodded) . Say in the preface of this standard, it is in basic standard IEC1000—4—2 (it is IEC801—2 at present) draft on the foundation, considered the difference of both, the voltage of limiting value experiment that gives out in the standard comes out through be being chosen after careful consider, and the X class conform to with IEC801—2. Ought to say, this standard is aimed at IT equipment formulate, to the distinct category in these equipment, provided different experiment detail, so its can carry out a gender very strong, once vote,pass, will release formally, guide each congress to carry out. Normally, of international standard publish cycle very long, average 90 months left and right sides, there still is certain problem to still be waited for in imposing this draft standard solve, when undertaking is not be osculatoried directly discharging experimenting to ground facilities for example of bedplate of perpendicular beat a drum use still be in the consideration, additional, the IEc1000—4—2 that this standard needs to cite also has not come on stage, reason predicts the issuance of this standard still needs time.
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