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Industry of domestic and international electron is antistatic standard

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2. Executive an organic whole two kinds metric system type.
Electronic product is antistatic standardization job should be treated as a whole system, consider the standardization demand of each respect, each link integratedly, when considering level of choice of its standard synthesis, configuration, fan Kejun civilian common standard, for example term standard and the standard of a few data sides, establish a kind of standard only, or civilian mark or army mark, repeat in order to decrease. Additional, in view of the GATT answer close shortly, civilian mark should lean to IEC, with benefit product exit. Such, from standard structure arrangement, antistatic level of content of admonitory sign, technology, technology do one's best and IEC keep consistent. However, the authority of MIL standard already was each country accepted, and already was the basis of army trade or contract of efforts of war industry technology between international in fact, so army mark needs to agree with MIL standard likewise to admonitory sign from structural setting. Then, appeared two kinds of different levels close make up, formed an organic whole two kinds metric system type. As to antistatic standard, IEC standard is all content are attributed to a standard in; And MIL mark criterion is will beg a gender regulation and data sex manual are apart, the form that presses two standards appears. Receive relatively for as advanced as international and abroad standard consequently, it is necessary that an organic whole makes type standard two kinds.

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