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Industry of domestic and international electron is antistatic standard

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To implement standard of this control outline, the department of defense hereat while the standard is released, namely on May 2, 1980 form a complete set released DoD—HDBK—263 " electric with electronic spare parts, component and equipment (electric spark detonate device except) electrostatic discharge defends control manual " (have not standard of translate into our country) , it is formulate, carry out and supervise electrostatic discharge to control a plan to provide a guide, the key includes to differentiate electric reach consequence with the origin of electrostatic discharge on electronic spare parts, component and equipment; The pilot precautionary measures of electrostatic discharge defends to electrostatic discharge the choice of material and equipment and application consider; Electrostatic discharge defends working area connects the design of ground workbench and construction; The operation of electrostatic and sensitive product, processing, pack and indicate; Training Within Industry plans make; The appraisal that electrostatic discharge defends working area reachs ground connection workbench. This manual standard undertook editing in Feburary 1991, active and effective version is MIL—HDDK—263A.
The characteristic of manual is guideline property, provides data, data is detailed, maneuverability is strong. For example the invalidation kind that this standard has electrostatic and electric series, sensitive product to electrostatic origin, attrition and failure mechanism and feature, have detailed description; Proved recipe face tries in electrostatic discharge, it thinks the human body itself of handlers is attaint the source of main and electrostatic discharge of sensitive product, advanced the idea of model of human body discharge so, built circuit of imitate of human body discharge, occupy according to computation of many test interconnected system, the electric capacity of imitate human body that uses in affirmatory imitate circuit is 100pF, resistor of imitate human body is 1500Ω , offerred necessary academic proof to this, think this is reasonable, the experiment circuit of standardization.
Anyhow, MIL—HDBK—263A provided all sorts of information with executive MIL—STD—1686A necessary place and data.
As the development of high polymer material, of the application of the new-style material that pack and experience accumulate, and the small miniaturization of the product trend, the influence all the more that packages pair of electrostatic and sensitive products is remarkable. American department of defense released MIL in May 1990 - HDBK—773 " electrostatic discharge defends pack " army mark manual. This standard is the product is being packed, carry, keep in storage and in rigging treatment process, defend from what the point of view that the product delivers will consider electrostatic and sensitive product problem. In fact, it also is a level that uses with MIL—STD—1686A form a complete set, just emphasize particularly on to carry a respect to provide a required data and data in the outfit that it is a bag. At the same time it returns those who be material of concerned static electricity proof packaging to use provided specific guide, maneuverability is extremely consequently strong.
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