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Industry of domestic and international electron is antistatic standard

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1. Procedure of industry of IEC / TC65 is measured and control technical committee.
This technology committee (TC) 1984 first formulate released IEC801—2 " industrial procedure measures the electromagnetism compatibility with control equipment the 2nd part: Electrostatic discharge asks " (T13926.2—92 of / of GB of standard of our country of homonymic already and equivalent translate into) , this standard undertook editing in the round in April 1991, active and effective version is the 2nd edition. This standard stipulated industrial procedure is measured and control equipment is opposite the astringent grade that feel this kind of device because of handlers and produce electrostatic discharge or experiments with the sensitivity of the electrostatic discharge of the generation between the object near device and experiment method, with this evaluation industrial procedure and measurement unit are opposite the sensitivity of electrostatic discharge. This standard experiment of lieutenant general of L edition is astringent grade differentiates for 1, 2, 3, 4 in all 4 grade, corresponding experiment voltage is respectively 2, 4, 8, 15kV; And the 2nd edition repairs instead 5 astringent spend grade, give out respectively by discharge means value of voltage of 2 series experiment, the voltage that contacts discharge among them is accordingly 2, 4, 6, 8, XkV. The voltage series that the space discharges is 2, 4, 8, 15 with XkV. The X here is one open grade, talk things over by both sides of supply and demand product standard is written after deciding. The electrostatic discharge generator that IEC801—2 standard still uses to experiment place (include to form reach character) , program of test facilities configuration, test and criterion made a provision (the second edition relatively the first edition had a certain number of parts to make revise) . This standard has stronger can carry out a gender. Electric head office released SJ—20154—92 of industry army mark in November 1992 in " IT equipment is electrostatic discharge susceptibility experiments " , the department consults IEC801—2 (1991 the draft of revised edition) with ECMA TR—40 of standard of European computer Manufacturers Association " IT equipment is electrostatic susceptibility experiments " of formulate, divide in the standard astringent outside spending grade and frequency of indirect to bedplate of horizontal beat a drum discharge to differ, other technology content and IEC801—2 (the 2nd edition) agree roughly, but not equivalent.
2. Electric equipment of SCB of / of IEC / TC77 (include a network) the committee of electromagnetism compatibility technology between / industry and other blame are public system and committee of technology of its equipment cent.
According to IEC guideline 107 " the guideline of publication of standard of compatibility of the electromagnetism that draft " regulation, the main task of TC77 is formulate about blasting off, immunity to interference and experiment method have the versatility foundation document that uses a sense extensively. To improve efficiency, other TC begins TC77 nonintervention successfully the job, or the task that is in charge of technically by other TC, but come in the working domain that all collects TC77 with proper way by the file of these TC formulate.
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