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Industry of domestic and international electron is antistatic standard

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Of electronic product electrostatic defend the job, have undermentioned and apparent characteristic:
1. Exceed fine, ultrathin treatment craft and product fine structure, make its apparent to the sensitivity of electrostatic discharge prep above is other industry and product, the electrostatic spark voltage under even if 20V causes an electron possibly also yuan the harm of parts of an apparatus or destroy.
2. To electrostatic and sensitive product, if semiconductor is schism parts of an apparatus, integrated circuit, thick filmy circuit and resistor, capacitor, piezocrystal, especially before 3 kinds of electrons are sensitive parts of an apparatus, their it may be said is the “ heart ” of electronic equipment. Because of this, to electrostatic harm defend problem, involve each technical fields of electronic product almost, especially those requirement bulk frequency of small, job the electronic facility with large density of tall, installation is more such.
3. Electrostatic defend the job is project of a system, it involves sensitive electron product make, assemble, processing, examination, experiment, maintenance, pack, carry, keep in storage, use wait for each link, and it is mode of a kind of series connection, the error on either link, will bring about whole defend working failure; In the meantime, it as located as sensitive product environment (facilities of atmosphere of osculatory article, air, humidity, ground, workbench, chair, treatment, tool) with the operation personnel is worn outfit (the dress that includes to apparel, cap, shoe is wiped, belt of glove, wrist) have, the careless omission of either respect or error, will bring about electrostatic defend working failure.
In the light of afore-mentioned electronic products electrostatic defend working characteristic, best can establish an a series of standards that suit to it. Better choice is to use Miscellaneous Leaflet to change a method, the systematic requirement have sth in mind that Cong Jing report defends, comprehensive ground considers the formulate of relative standard and harmonious work, only such, ability of the square field surface each link antistatic the job, a kind of orderly state is become under the standard that overall brings into a standard.
The American production to product of electron of for military use, begin to carry out since seventies electrostatic defend control, after passing 10 years roughly, just issue corresponding standard formally. International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC) from 80 time first since, issue in succession antistatic standard. Under photograph comparing, home is antistatic standard formulate and releasing still is to begin merely, although had certain working base and requirement, but with relative standard be covered together and carry out in the round still have not little difference.
2, IEC about antistatic standard formulate overview
In IEC organization, have 5 technologies committee at least (or cent technology committee) be with antistatic technical work concerns and formulate the part is antistatic standard or draft standard. Revise metric system of committee of these 5 technologies overview introduction to be as follows now:
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