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Application of Pvc building materials is valued

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Besides the integrated effect of Olympic Games economy, china is long-term, durative market space, attracted business of numerous foreign capital grab a beach. Not only PVC has in filmy, market tubal material accept foreign capital favour, regard an among them application as heat, domain of PVC ground material also drew numerous abroad business participate in contend, like Italy of tycoon of international ground material alliance is much (Mondo) land China.

Feel pulse PVC vast tract two cliques
Produce the amplification of the ceaseless grow in quantity of the enterprise and productivity as our country PVC, situation of market of our country PVC already depended on entrance change to be by the past can realize autarky basically. Domestic manufacturer has had long management process, perfect market channel and sale network are his the advantage in competing with foreign capital brand.

Crop can be main the backside of can contented demand, of high-end product line be short of lose not allow to ignore, its product is located in domestic numerous manufacturer surely more in low end the market and masses application domain, face high end the market and a few professional still can hope city is promoted only when stronger product requirement sigh. And a few just entered Chinese market before long foreign enterprise, offer the public kind PVC product while, still can market of high end of with a view to is offerred extremely professional strong product. If alliance is much,the PVC that surgery of tall stretch floor of production, hospital needs fights bacterium floor, and the PVC floor that advanced train place wants and material of railroad car join, it is the typical product that Euramerican brand PVC produces in the light of high-end market.

Altogether, foreign capital tycoon and domestic company have each advantage and worry each, also forming the benign competition that is helpful for the market perfecting fractionize.
How to hold the market supreme dot
Come from the craft that make say, PVC of calcium carbide law holds dominant position in our country, produce cost on the high side, pollution is heavier and cost can be huge. In environmental protection, indoor air the problem such as pollution is taken seriously increasingly today, include ground capable person inside PVC product attribute of its environmental protection was mentioned more and more significant position.

And for the nation that develops PVC chemical building materials at us first relatively, technology of the manufacturing technology of domestic product and foreign enterprise, production and its product function still have certain space. If material of ground of Italian alliance much PVC applies to medical, sports, traffic, education, business to use,wait for each domains, the enterprise throws its income every year 6% use at research and development, the human operation lab that adds li of university with American card Er (HPL) , the numerous school such as engineering college of Ha Fo university, Milan and clever university and scientific research orgnaization cooperate for a long time. The manufacturing technology of material of ground of alliance much PVC, not only use production of environmental protection raw material, any poisonous smoke do not produce in use process, maintain simple, second birth still can reclaim to use after product term of service exceeds, accomplished whole journey environmental protection adequately. Because this says PVC product produces the environmental protection sex of craft, still be the key that gives in the break out of an encirclement in the market with intense competition.
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