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Domestic and international electron is antistatic the reviewing of equipment ind

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(One) the electron is antistatic equipment industry grows general situation
1.Foreign general situation as go up century the research and development of 40 time semiconductor device is successful, after be in in a few years of short time, the development of microelectronics is very rapid. Meanwhile, electrostatic wait to parts of an apparatus of integrated circuit, photoelectricity damage increasingly outstanding also. Like CMOS parts of an apparatus the typical ply of insulation layer already achieved 0.1μm the following, its are able to bear or endure accordingly puncture voltage roughly 80 to 100V. . Of certain VMOS be able to bear or endure puncture voltage has 30V only. , and thousand DRAM compression is only 10 to 20V. Produce and carry of the product in the electron, store the electrostatic voltage of the generation in waiting for a process is ambitious at afore-mentioned threshold value, cause microelectronics parts of an apparatus to produce puncture (or) soft puncture, made invalidation or reliability of serious effect product. The United States is one of countries of integrated circuit of the earliest research and development, there has been heavy lesson in process of inchoate microelectronics production. According to the century on HP company 80 time later period carries civil story, the United States is in integrated circuit is large-scale the initial stage of development, annual because of electrostatic create electronic industry immediate pecuniary loss amounts to one dollar, indirect loss is bigger. England ever also had spend the New Year the loss is close the report of 2 billion flower pounds. Japan is in on the century covers at the beginning of 90 time, because of,they have 45% in unqualified microelectronics parts of an apparatus is electrostatic cause. Also had appeared in spaceflight respect grave accident, hold a person like the first Apollo spacecraft, cause emissive failure because of electrostatic problem namely, 3 astronaut die. Like war industry production and civil respect (reserve of ammo, oil plants, shipping is carried, chemical industry, mine) because of electrostatic the casualty accidents that cause, also be to happen from time to tome. Accordingly, a few more Euramerican the country takes seriously very much, going up century at the beginning of 60 time, those who cost a large number of manpower and capital to begin to consider and settle electronic trade is electrostatic defend problem.
There are 4 systems and department at least in the United States (level of electrostatic discharge association, state [ASTM] association of association, take precautions against natural calamities [NFPA] , the army [MIL] ) began this respect to work. . The course counts 10 years of purchase distinct effect, no matter be basic research or standardization, conduct propaganda,respect of education, actual application already moved toward maturity. Afore-mentioned branches have absolute standard system in the light of respective system and join each other. Army of odd United States and ESD (electrostatic discharge) the standard that association establishs amounts to tens of ministries with respect to each, have namely mandatory also have recommend sexual level. Like American army and production of product of electrostatic and sensitive electron the enterprise is opposite antistatic equipment (things) purchase and produce an environment, adopted product quality to approve a system, set special administration. According to investigating statistic, electrostatic and sensitive electron produces the country such as Euramerican, day those who assemble a company is electrostatic the 70% above that defend educational popularity rate already reached worker sum total, undertake to the technology of relevant post and quality administrator professional skill is taught, the personnel that contacts product of electrostatic and sensitive electron almost has sufferred the basiccest and electrostatic defend education. Be in the United States, the course figures effort of 10 years, going up century since 90 time, electrostatic cause a loss to decrease greatly to electronic industry. According to HP report, every throw one dollar to defend with Yu Jing report, can reduce 9 dollars loss. Be in Europe, the country such as England, Germany also has special orgnaization to be engaged in electrostatic defend research work and metric system decide consistent way. Join by 20 countries such as Germany, France, Spain, Holand at European electrical engineering technology standardizes committee [CENELEC] already united on October 1, 2001 release IEC standard 61340-5-1 " of the electronic parts in electrostatic field defend - main demand " , unite a standard to carry out as European each country.
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