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Electrostatic the harm to the person

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◎ is electrostatic the harm of aborning

·Be like model carapace product line, as a result of electrostatic cause model carapace spray paint, eletroplate, the surface is rough, trachoma is much, feel is poor.

·Coiling bucket paper, leather, plastic, chemical cloth / the automation line such as film, because material insulating properties is tall, locomotive rate is rapid, exterior charge

Not easy be lost, static electrode is tall, when the operation personnel touchs can have feeling getting an electric shock, can make more the puncture between material layer, affect product quality.

·In electronic industry, IC, LCD, LED, wait for fine assembly line, according to statistic, as a result of electrostatic give electronic parts manufacturing industry, annual

Can cause the loss of two dollars!

·Pressworking the enterprise that pack causes malfunction of device control character as a result of electrostatic meeting; Take paper flabby, receive paper not neat; In transmit in pressworking, can build more

Whole set imprints precision is low, chinese ink beard is serious, affect product quality badly.

◎ is electrostatic the harm to human body

We know, electrostatic the harm in industrial production is very great, affect production not only, and cause all sorts of fire explosion accidents easily

Etc, consider to discover, electrostatic also be harmful to human body without benefit. Human body falls for a long time in electrostatic radiate, can make a person fretted disturbed, have a headache, bosom

Difficulty of frowsty, breath, cough. Between domesticity, electrostatic not only chemical fibber dress has, the carpet below the foot, daily plastic appliance, polished

Bright paint furniture until all sorts of home appliance all may appear electrostatic phenomenon, electrostatic but the many dust in adsorptive air and electrified sex is bigger,

The amount of adsorptive dust is more, and a variety of toxic substance and bacteria often are contained in dust, light exciting skin, affect cutaneous burnish

And delicate, make the fleck since the skin gives birth to sore again, more serious still can cause bronchus asthma and rhythm of the heart wrong wait for disease.

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