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Industry of domestic and international electron is antistatic standard

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Industry of domestic and international electron is antistatic standard overview and development
The article is brief introduced to concern electronic industry domestic and internationally antistatic the case that metric system decides, characteristic and trends, put forward to strengthen electronic industry further at this point antistatic the train of thought that standardizes the job.
One, about electronic product electrostatic defend
Because the contact between the object is detached (if chafe, come off, the collision in tear off and be being carried) or electric field induction, the metropolis because the occasional object interior of the object is electrified of particle diffuse, transfer or migratory and those who form object surface charge is accumulative, present electrified appearance namely. The existence of this kind of phenomenon, bring about object surface charge to be opposite likely the particle that opposite sex charge takes in air child of dust attract, cause an electron sensitive of insulation property of yuan of parts of an apparatus reduce, the structure is corroded or destroy. When outside ambient is appropriate, this kind of accumulative charge still can produce electrostatic discharge, make yuan of parts of an apparatus local damaged or puncture, serious when, still can cause fire, explosion to wait. Ever reported because of,some factory is in when the semiconductor integrated circuit that repairs programmed control switching equipment to go up electrostatic the literary works that causes explosive accident. Ought to point out, electrostatic cause an electron yuan local structure damaged and function reduce parts of an apparatus, it is to be opposite a kind of service life of yuan of parts of an apparatus to browbeat potentially, it may compare the harm that explosion and combustion cause to had had more. Because it is hard to check, the random sex that reason causes an accident is bigger, and mix   lie with reason of other be no longer in force easily shame just? Amp;lt;BR>Current, the development of electronic product technology is used extensively of material as high polymer on one hand, cause a product the generation of electrostatic phenomenon becomes increasingly serious; On the other hand, electron yuan parts of an apparatus is small with each passing day miniaturization, make electrostatic dangerous sex bigger and bigger. The production that shows foreign microcircuit is common already used 0.8 ~ 1.0μm technology, home already also reached level of 2 ~ 3μm, this kind of imperceptible processing technique and product are subtle structure, make its taller and taller to electrostatic sensitivity, the extent that and already was achieved cannot ignore.
Of electronic product electrostatic defend the job, have undermentioned and apparent characteristic:
1. Exceed fine, ultrathin treatment craft and product fine structure, make its apparent to the sensitivity of electrostatic discharge prep above is other industry and product, the electrostatic spark voltage under even if 20V causes an electron possibly also yuan the harm of parts of an apparatus or destroy.
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