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Network floor- - market new favorite

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Just on the exhibition of Chinese new-style housing materials of respond to a curtain call, the flexibility that network floor changes wiring of the level in the building in intelligence with its, comfortable sex, new design drew public figure of inside and outside of numerous course of study, become this to exhibit the one large window of the meeting.

The estate of ministry of former state construction that visits this to exhibit manages director of association of estate of vice director, China Comrade Zheng Jirong gives his higher opinion, he says: Floor of “ tile network solved condole to carry bridge of planted agent chamfer, floor on the head to add thick bury steel tube or steel wire chamfer secures chamfer of get rid of of layout of mouth giving a clue, compressed cable, built on stilts floor, ground to bury the blemish in the layout such as layout of line cop chamfer,

Use flame retardant PVC plastic pattern carapace, cement expands pearlite bear across of road of planted agent of chamfer of box of wiring of cover board of composite material of glass reinforced plastics of tool set piece, BMC, special ground, line divides a line to enter line steel cover board the bridge, always to wait for composition to make the same score floor, both neither destroys a structure, also do not raise height, still can give line, random to alter at will with augment circuitry, its intensity still can is the same as at cement floor, it is intelligence changes the wiring way with indispensable building. ”

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