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Outfit of Russia ground shop is exhibited

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Exhibit setting

Outfit of Russia ground shop is exhibited (FLOORINGRUSSIA) be by England benefit of Meng Ge Ma exhibits company and ExpoMediaGroupPlc combination to sponsor, this year is the 5th of this exhibition. This exhibition sponsors an unit all is the famous exhibition on international sponsors an orgnaization. The ginseng that comes from world each district postpones business people ground of Russia of have the aid of shop outfit exhibits the client to them to show high quality new-style product, disentomb further thereby international business chance, extend an international market. Can saying outfit of Russia ground shop is exhibited is an any ground metope data that want to enter Russia and hamster market business people first-rate choice.

Russia is the most conspicuous in all and rising market, russia market stability and rapid development are to come this year of be obvious to all:

Its entrance product holds the absolute majority of market share, import building materials to hold total among them 85% .

2005 the GDP gross of Russia is 374.2 billion dollar, year growth is achieved 6.4% .

The amount of building materials market of Russia amounted to 3 billion dollar 2003, annual increase rate achieves 10-15% .

Russia flourishingly construction market came into being voluminous building materials to import an amount.

2. Limits of item on display

Handiwork is braided reach sex of material of ground of machine spin carpet, ceiling and wall ornamental, flexibility, industry flooring, publication, indoor application is natural stone material, indoor material of applied ceramic tile, fiber, yarn and textile, glass ground, spin.

Industrial ground handles mechanical, material and technology, the ground is prevented slippery, wear-resisting, acid-proof alkaline, antistatic reach fire prevention to handle equipment and material, booth of metope of machine of industrial ground cleaning machine, cleaner, burnish, ground spreads mechanical, service facilities to wait.

3. Show the effect and trait

Since shop outfit exhibits Russia ground to be held first from 2003, hold 4 already successfully. During exhibition of previous term or session, many 3000 professional audience visited fair, the audience of 95% expresses to still will attend next year. Show an area 8000 square metre, the professional corporation that comes from 16 countries revealed newest ground and metope housing materials, these exhibit business to come from England, Belgian, Italy, China, Germany, India, Israel, Latuoweiya, Lebanon, polish, Turkey, Finnish, Wukelan, United States, Vietnam and Russia. Of 70% exhibit business to express to will continue to attend outfit of Russia ground shop to exhibit this year. Exhibit during the meeting, before business of 5 big developments alls, Russia looks around.

The exhibition will continue to be in 7 houses of Expocentr to hold, as sign up increase, the exhibition will expand date and 6 5 houses.
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