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Application of Pvc building materials is valued

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Construction of foundation of each domain of current our country lasts fervent, and as classics trade appoint accelerate PVC to turn over a dumping speed and the 5 arrival to busy season of traditional in July PVC supply and demand, PVC product is valued more consistently in the foreground of building materials market, and the application of PVC floor becomes among them heat.
PVC product is advantaged
From the point of product itself, PVC product is had fight ultraviolet ray, fight soda acid to corrode, mouldproof and moth-proofing, flame retardant fire prevention, antistatic etc idiosyncratic, still do not need paint and adornment, and have good skid resistance can, walk safe and comfortable. These advantages make its are valued extensively in the application of building materials industry. To intermediate distributors and building development business, the characteristic with lighter quality of PVC chemical building materials can go to the lavatory again storage and carry, of shadow cost decrease to also be sure to have certain effect to its promotion.

Look from the angle of environmental protection, PVC ground material is regarded to be the optimal substitute of ceramic tile and lumber on housing materials market of China, without lead, low volatilization PVC product also can assure on the safe side in use process. In experienced ceramic tile radiate, Mudebanzao after the negative event such as the holiday, PVC floor with its environmental protection sex, high quality, reach design of rich ground joining together, make the ground material first selection of a lot of domains.

PVC market is well worth doing
From the point of trade demand, learn to taste market society according to Americanization (CMAI) analysis, market of material of window of Chinese plastic door, canal, chemical building materials will maintain driving growth to PVC demand, hopeful exceeds 7% , and global market also had reached a new peak to the demand of PVC. The amount of average per capita that Canada and United States used PVC 2000 is 37 pounds, and the PVC average per capita of Chinese the corresponding period makes dosage still is less than 5 pounds, PVC product is having huge market in building materials market of China space and continuously demand.

PVC product is valued extensively in the application of market of Chinese building materials, at the same time the success of the Olympic Games is held, to bldg. , service industry of course of study, sports and society are consumed will have pull greatly move. Build a respect to look with Beijing city only, in large-scale build and transform while one batch accords with the stadium shop that runs Olympic Games level, will drive village of road of pair of airports, railway station, town, Olympic Games to reach its the large infrastructure such as support features undertakes build and be transforminged, in coming 5 years, beijing is built to urban infrastructure throw 180 billion yuan of RMBs will record-breakingly, the key builds 142 large projects.
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